You know all the basic rules of roleplay: be mature, exercise general common sense, and mind the IC/OOC line. Please have a completed first post up and viewable by the mods prior to submitting your application. The entry may be written in any style you'd like, as long as it is substantial enough to introduce us to your character. Also, please make sure that your application is complete when you submit it, that any examples you've linked us to are unlocked to the mod journal, and that you have requested membership to both communities. We would like standard PB usernames and screennames that involve your character's name in some way, and ask that you please refrain from using unnecessary underscores, numbers, or x's, and in the case of journal names, extra words. There is no character limit; however, if your existing characters have not been regularly active, your application will be denied.

While the game has no official update limit, we do ask that you remain around and active through posting, commenting, and participating in group threads and activities. If we go a month without seeing any evidence of activity from a character, they will be removed - although popping up once a month and then disappearing again is also frowned upon, and may be considered grounds for removal if it becomes a habit. Hiatus requests can be left in the dropbox; we only ask that you give us an estimate of when we can expect you back.

If you are reapplying after getting removed for inactivity, please be sure to have a new update in the journal. Although we do not require every post to be a lengthy update to constitute regular activity in the game, we will want to see some effort go into a reapplication entry, to ensure that the player will be dedicated to keeping the character active, and cares about and has put thought into the character.